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Report from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food on the nuts sector.

We share with you the latest report from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for the nuts sector.

Specifically, for pistachio, the 2022-23 balance has been very positive:

  1. The planted area has grown by 13.5%, reaching 70,235ha. The growth of plantations on irrigated lands stands out (+29%).
  2. Production has reached 19,889 tons, which represents +19%, although 67% of the planted hectares have not yet entered into production. Castilla La Mancha leads these growths.
  3. Exports have grown by +59% with an average price of €9.1/Kg (+1.2%). Imports have decreased by -5.1% with the US being our main supplier.
  4. Quotes: the average price of the campaign grew by +15%, mainly Larnaka grain +64%. The forecasts for the current 2023/24 campaign are for growth of +18%, with grain driving these growths.
  5. Consumption of pistachios in Spanish homes continues to grow.

More documentation on pistachio:

You can find more documentation about the cultivation and marketing of pistachio in our documents area. You will find the price lists published by the different price tables and national markets, as well as information on international markets that we will add periodically.

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