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Pruning the pistachio tree: a key aspect in the cultivation and growth of the plant.

The pistachio tree is a plant with great economic and cultural importance in many regions of the world. Known for its fruit, the pistachio, this tree requires proper attention and care to grow and produce a good harvest. One of the most important aspects in caring for the pistachio plant is pruning.

What is pistachio tree pruning?

Pruning the pistachio tree It is a process that consists of cutting and removing dead, diseased or damaged branches and leaves with the aim of promoting growth and fruit production. In addition, pruning also helps maintain a proper shape on the tree, which allows better air and light circulation and consequently a higher yield in the production of pistachios.

When is it advisable to prune the pistachio tree?

Pruning the pistachio tree can be done at different times of the year, depending on the region in which the plant is located. In general, it is recommended to prune in the month of February, when the plant is in its rest period. However, depending on the weather, we could start earlier and extend it until March. It is not recommended to prune in summer, when the plant is in full growth.

It's important to put attention on Pruning is a process that requires specialized technical knowledge, since incorrect pruning can damage the formation of the tree and affect its growth and fruit production. Therefore, it is advisable to have a professional with experience in pruning pistachio trees to carry out this work.

Why is pistachio tree pruning important?

Pruning the pistachio tree is important for several reasons, including:

  • Improves plant growth– By removing damaged, dead or diseased branches, you allow the plant to focus on growing healthy, strong branches.
  • Increases fruit production: Pruning helps encourage fruit production as it allows better circulation of light and air, which in turn promotes flowering and fruit production.
  • Maintains proper shape on the tree: Pruning allows you to give the pistachio tree a suitable shape, which allows better air and light circulation, and also facilitates access to the harvest.

What techniques are used?

There are different pruning techniques for the pistachio tree, depending on the objective you want to achieve. Some of the most common techniques include:

Training pruning (up to 5 years): It is carried out in the first years of the plant's life with the aim of establish the structure, the backbone of the future pistachio tree, giving it an appropriate shape that encourages its growth and future production. By guiding plant growth through training pruning, we ensure

Freshly pruned pistachio tree

that the fruits will develop uniformly, balancing the weight on the branches. It is important to carry out this type of pruning before entering production. to avoid having to cut a branch in the future that requires a chainsaw due to its thickness. We must always eliminate branches that fall towards the ground or that grow towards the interior of the tree. We must also take into account pruning branches that may impede work with the tractor.

Maintenance or “green” pruning: Maintenance pruning is done to maintain the size and shape of the plant. This helps control the harvest in terms of size, shape and number of fruits produced. It is also used to clean the plant, eliminating dry, diseased or weak branches. This pruning must be done before flowering begins. We will eliminate buds or shoots that clearly do not meet our specific training or production objectives. It is advisable to remove flower buds in the first 4 years of the tree, prioritizing that the energy is focused on the growth of the wood, forming trunk and branches with sufficient thickness for the future harvest.

Production or fruiting pruning: It is carried out with the objective of stimulating fruit production and improving their quality by increasing their size. It is about directing the plant's energy to the growth of the fruits instead of wood growth.

Renewal pruning: is carried out on more mature trees with the aim of renewing the plant so that it produces fruits properly and encourages its growth.

It is important to note that pruning must be carried out at appropriate periods, taking into account the growth and fruiting of the tree.

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What tools are needed for pruning the pistachio tree?

To prune the pistachio tree It is necessary to have certain tools, between them:

  • Pruning shears: with one hand, for cutting small branches and twigs, and with two hands, for thicker branches.
  • Saws: to cut thick branches that cannot be cut with pruning shears.
  • Electric scissors: for faster and more efficient work on thick branches.
  • Ladder: to reach high and hard-to-reach branches.

It is important to use quality tools and keep them sharp and disinfected to perform safe and effective pruning. Additionally, it is advisable to follow appropriate safety measures when working with tools on a tree.


Pruning is a very important part of pistachio cultivation. Pruning helps improve crop quality and yield, and also helps prevent the spread of pests and diseases. Pruning can also help growers increase their income by improving the quantity, quality and size of fruits. Therefore, It is important that producers understand the benefits of pruning and implement it correctly to ensure a profitable plantation.

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Cover of the pistachio pruning guide.

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