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EVOO & NUTS experience fair

EVOO & NUTS experience FAIR 2022:

Dear Friend:

We have the honor to inform you that our Manager Mr. Javier Moreno has been appointed member of the organizing committee of the EVOO & NUTS experience Fair 2022 which will take place on March 17, 18 and 19 at the Talavera de la Reina fairgrounds. We have prepared with great interest some technical sessions and specific tastings for pistachio that we hope will be to your liking. Mister Pistacho will also have its own stand located in PAVILION 3 ESPACIO E1, where we will be happy to welcome you. During the fair we will be able to inform you personally about all our services and products. As many of you know, the pistachio market is constantly growing both in planted hectares, tripling the surface area in recent years, and in terms of consumption of the nut in Spanish homes. According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, pistachio consumption in Spain has grown by +27.8% in value in 2020, which compared to the growth of the nuts category +18.2% shows that it is the main driver of development in the sector. , being the fashionable food in the Mediterranean diet.  


In the technical sessions we will have great professionals of the level of Esau Martínez, researcher of the El Chaparrillo Agrarian Center, which will update us on the general situation of the pistachio market at a national and international level (Friday the 18th at 10 a.m.). Sara Rodrigo, also a researcher at the El Chaparrillo Agrarian Center, will present a presentation on the ecological control of pests in the pistachio tree (Thursday the 17th at 12 noon). On Friday the 18th in the afternoon at 4:00 p.m. we will have the field experience of two established professionals: Mr. Luis Antonio Santiago and Mr. Salvador Casas. Both will delight us with their knowledge of field cultivation, sharing the pros and cons that any farmer could encounter during the first 6 years. Our manager, Mr. Javier Moreno, will present the American hybrid pattern at 5 p.m. UCB1 providing a historical, methodological and comparative vision of this pattern with others also used in Spain and the United States. The days will close at 6:00 p.m. Mr. Ricardo Planas of the company Green Pistachio delving into the commercial and processing world of pistachio. Ricardo will update us on the latest offer of machinery for all stages of pistachio processing, as well as the current situation of sales and purchase prices. Throughout the entire fair you can taste different pistachios in the TASTINGS organized by Stefano Armadoro. You can try natural pistachio, toasted and salted, from different sources, including some innovative novelties such as pistachio cream, a marvelous delicatessen for the palate. During the tasting, a survey will be carried out that will allow us to know the tastes of the Spanish consumer. Links to the program: Pistachio Technical Conference Program Links to registration for the CONFERENCES and TASTINGS: Registration for Pistachio Production and Cultivation Technical Conferences Pistachio TASTING Registration IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration for the Technical Conference authorizes access to the fair as a visitor during the three days of the event. Finally, you can contact us with any questions or concerns related to the fair by the following means:   Mobile and Whatsapp: 669389609 Email: info@misterpistacho.es www.misterpistacho.es  
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