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Grafted pistachio plant on UCB1 rootstock in a 3.5 L pot. (40 units)

Grafted plant (40 units) on UCB1 rootstock (always from certified UCB1 seed) in a 3.5 L pot.

You can choose the variety and the pollinator male you prefer.

Total phytosanitary guarantee.

Unit price: €14.50/Floor.

Sales unit: European pallet with 40 plants.


Grafted pistachio plant on UCB1 rootstock in a 3.5 L pot. (40 units)

Grafted pistachio plant in a 3.5 L pot in the varieties:

  • Kerman
  • Larnaca
  • Sirora.


Includes between one 7% and one 10% of their corresponding pollinator males:

  • peter
  • Shorty
  • Warrior
  • C Special
  • Randy


These are grafted plants of pistachio varieties from our nursery in Toledo, with full phytosanitary guarantee.

What you should know about the different varieties:

The Kerman variety is one of the most popular and widely cultivated pistachio plants around the world. This plant has a high yield and produces a large amount of nuts each year. In addition, it has high durability and resistance to common pistachio diseases.

Kerman is known for its large leaves and compact, rounded shape, making it easy to care for and handle. It is also resistant to dry weather and can tolerate moderate humidity, making it suitable for not very extreme climates.

To grow the Kerman variety of pistachio, you need a well-drained and fertile soil, with a slightly basic pH. The plant also needs full sun exposure and regular watering during the summer months.

Overall, the Kerman pistachio plant is an excellent option for growers looking for a hardy, high-yielding pistachio variety with low maintenance and care requirements.

The Larnaka variety of pistachio plant is highly resistant to adverse conditions such as pests and diseases. In addition to being resistant to low temperatures, it is capable of withstanding moderate droughts and saline environments. This variety has a high production capacity and good quality fruits, which are large and sweet in flavor.

Regarding the care necessary for its cultivation, well-drained soil and regular application of fertilizers are recommended. The plant needs a good amount of water for optimal production, so an efficient irrigation system is important.

Among the advantages of the Larnaka pistachio variety is the high yield and quality of its fruits. In addition to its resistance to adverse conditions, which reduces the risk of production losses. Compared to other pistachio varieties, Larnaka is a good option for those looking for a profitable and sustainable crop.

The Sirora variety of pistachio plant is native to Iran and has adapted very well to hot, dry climates. It stands out for having high productivity, with a yield of up to 8 kg of fruits per tree. Its fruits are of excellent quality, with a sweet flavor and a thin shell that makes them easy to peel.

This variety requires specific care, such as adequate watering and regular pruning to stimulate its growth. In addition, it is sensitive to cold and requires warm temperatures for its development.

Among the advantages of the Sirora variety over other pistachio varieties are its great resistance to diseases and pests, its high productivity and its shorter entry into production time, which makes it ideal for commercial crops.

In conclusion, the Sirora variety is an excellent option for pistachio growers, thanks to its specific properties and advantages.

Which male pollinator to choose?

For the cultivation of pistachio, Peter should be chosen as the male pollinator because it is a variety that has high pollen production and early flowering. In addition, it is resistant to some common diseases in pistachio cultivation. Being a variety of male flowers, its pollen is essential for the pollination of the female flowers of other varieties.

As for the female variety, it is recommended to choose Kerman as Peter's companion, since it is a self-compatible and very productive variety. Larnaka and Sirora can also be used as females, but their production may be lower compared to Kerman. In any case, it is important to ensure that the choice of female is compatible with the pollen variety being used to ensure adequate pollination and good fruit production.

Chaparrillo is a variety of pistachio that has become an excellent option as a male pollinator in pistachio cultivation. It is a variety that has early flowering and a large amount of pollen, which makes it perfect for pollinating other varieties. Additionally, it is disease resistant and very vigorous in growth, making it ideal for areas with adverse climatic conditions.

To obtain the best results in the pollination of female varieties, it has been shown that the Kerman and Larnaka varieties are the most compatible with Chaparrillo. These two varieties produce a greater quantity of fruits and their quality is higher when pollinated with Chaparrillo. On the other hand, Sirora has proven to be less compatible, producing a smaller amount of fruit.

To ensure good pollination, it is important to plant at least one 10% of male trees in a pistachio orchard, and Chaparrillo is an excellent choice for this task. With its specific properties and requirements, Chaparrillo is an effective and efficient male pollinator in pistachio cultivation.

The choice of Guerrero as a male pollinator for pistachio cultivation is mainly due to its genetic properties, which allow it to be very effective in pollinating the flowers of pistachio trees. In addition, it needs very few chilling hours to reach its full potential, making it ideal for regions with less cold winters. It is also highly disease resistant and has a long shelf life.

As for female varieties, Guerrero produces the best results with the Kerman pistachio variety. However, it can also be used with Larnaka and Sirora, although results may vary. Kerman is the most commonly grown variety and is also known for its fruit quality and size, making it the preferred choice for most growers.

In summary, by choosing Guerrero as a male pollinator and the Kerman variety as a female, pistachio growers can achieve a high production success rate and obtain large, high-quality fruits.

The choice of the male pollinator in pistachio cultivation is crucial to obtain good production. The C Especial is a male pistachio variety highly recommended as a pollinator. For its part, the properties and needs of this plant make it ideal to fulfill this task, since it produces a large amount of pollen and has high compatibility with females.

Regarding the choice of the female, it has been shown that the Kerman and Sirora varieties are the best options to obtain good production in combination with C Especial. The Larnaka variety can also be used, but it has been proven that the results are not as good as with the other two.

In summary, C Especial should be chosen as the male pollinator for pistachio cultivation due to its properties and needs. For best results, it is recommended to use Kerman or Sirora female varieties.

Randy is one of the most popular and effective male pollinators for pistachio cultivation. It should be chosen for its high production capacity of pollen grains and its ability to release them in sufficient quantities during the flowering period of the females.

Additionally, Randy is resistant to common diseases and pests that affect pistachios, making it a reliable choice for a good harvest.

As for females, Randy produces the best results when combined with the Kerman variety, which is the most common in the pistachio industry. However, it can also be used with the Larnaka and Sirora varieties, although greater control of pollination is recommended to ensure a higher quality of the harvest.

In summary, choosing Randy as a male pollinator for pistachio cultivation is an excellent choice due to its properties and resistance to diseases. When combined with the Kerman variety, the best results will be obtained in terms of quality and quantity of the harvest.

Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 120×80×180 cm

Kerman, Larnaka, Sirora

Pollinator male

C Especial, Chaparrillo, Guerrero, Peter, Randy

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