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UCB1 pistachio rootstock in a 3.5 liter pot. (80 pcs.)

Of certified UCB1 seeds by UC Davis and imported from the USA.

In 3.5 L pots with one pattern per pot.

With total phytosanitary guarantee.

Unit price: €5.75/Pattern.

Sales unit: European pallet with 80 rootstocks.


UCB1 pistachio rootstock in a 3.5 liter pot. (80 pcs.)

UCB1 pistachio rootstocks: the most resistant and profitable option for your crops.

The UCB1 pistachio rootstock They are the most resistant and profitable option for growing pistachios. They are widely used due to their great vigor and their resistance to cold, salinity and diseases. These rootstocks allow early entry into production and high yields. Furthermore, their immediate availability and profitability make them an ideal option for those who want to minimize risks and maximize their profits. However, choosing the best rootstock is essential to guarantee the strength of the tree and maximize the investment.

Not all UCB1 seeds are equally efficient, which is why at Mister Pistachio we offer you UCB1 pattern of California pistachio seed certified by UC Davis and imported from the USA. Which means that it has an authenticated parental origin, that is, it comes from an authentic father and mother, so it retains all its qualities. The certification of the seeds that we use for our UCB1 pistachio rootstocks is granted by the University of California at Davis and its FPS (Foundation Plant Services) program for pistachio, which guarantees that it is a completely pure and uncontaminated hybrid.

We supply the rootstocks in 3.5 liter pots. The minimum order is 80 patterns, which we serve palletized on a European pallet.

Pistachio cultivation with UCB1

The UCB1 rootstock is an excellent option for growing pistachio due to its resistance to cold, salinity and diseases, which translates into greater profitability and immediate availability. Below, we detail the different aspects to take into account when growing pistachio with UCB1.

Planting method from grafted plants

To plant pistachios with UCB1 it is recommended to use grafted plants. The technique consists of grafting the bud of a branch of the pistachio tree that you want to grow onto a UCB1 rootstock, getting it to adhere and allowing the bud to grow. This method ensures effective rooting and good adaptability of the plant to the terrain.

Selection of the best seeds and rootstocks

It is essential to select the best seeds and rootstocks to ensure the strength of the tree and maximize the investment. The quality and resistance of the seeds and rootstocks directly influence the production of pistachios. Furthermore, good selection guarantees greater resistance to cold and diseases.

  • UCB1 rootstocks with high field survival and climate adaptation such as those offered by Mister Pistacho.
  • The quality of the seeds must be guaranteed, controlling the origin and carrying out an analysis of their viability and germination capacity. For this reason, At Mister Pistacho we only use UCB1 100% hybrid seeds certified by the University of California at Davis.

Why should you buy UCB1 instead of other pistachio rootstocks?

To understand the quality of rootstock UCB1 that we are offering you, it would not hurt to review the advantages it has compared to others. For example Pistacia Atlantica is more sensitive to bacterial diseases; the Pistacia IntegerrimaAlthough it is true that it is resistant to verticillosis caused by some fungi, it is not so resistant to winter cold and sudden changes in temperature; and finally, Pistacia Terebinthus It is a very heterogeneous foot, of low vigor and that only shows its maximum version in conditions determined by an excessive contribution of water.

However, as we have explained in the previous section, UCB1 manages to bring together the best of everything. Besides, It has an unusual firmness and vigor to be a pistachio rootstock, facilitating, without a doubt, the process of graft.

As a result, and aware of its potential, we provide floors of UCB1 germinated from seeds imported by our company directly from USA, in alveoli forestry or pots; with the aim of making the task easier for the client and that, together with our advice, we can pave the way for them as much as possible.

Importance of UCB1 in Spain

You have to know that the UCB1 it's the only one rootstock cultivable in Spain that can be grafted in the first year, both in the field and in the nursery. It is worth emphasizing the optimal development of this crop in dry climates, cold in winter and hot in summer; characteristics that we find in several central areas of the peninsula. Hence Mister Pistacho count on the best nurseries when it comes to germinating the seeds of the UCB1, located in the center of the peninsula, areas that are very cold in winter and very hot in summer, factors that harden the plant making its quality literally enviable. Our objective goes far beyond the purely commercial as we also want to see you grow and witness the success of your pistachio plantation.

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