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Preserved refrigerated pruning pistachio buds (box of 150 sticks)

Pistachio yolks Frigo pruning wood vegetative plants preserved from our own field of mother feet.

We guarantee the varieties thanks to the analysis of the DNA of our trees.

Total phytosanitary guarantee.

  • Unit price: €0.37/yolk
  • Sales unit: Box with 150 strands (1,500 buds).


Preserved refrigerated pruning pistachio buds (box of 150 sticks)

Pistachio buds: the key to successful cultivation

Grafting is a common practice in pistachio cultivation that is used to obtain trees with specific fruiting characteristics. In this process, the pistachio buds that best adapt to the location, climatic conditions, and soil type are selected and grafted onto mature trees selected as patterns or rootstocks so that they can bear fruit more quickly. In Mister Pistacho we offer you vegetative wood buds cool (summer) to guarantee optimal graft results.

How to select the best buds for grafting

To graft pistachio buds, it is important to select the best buds from the highest quality trees. Look for vegetative wood buds that do not show signs of disease or mechanical damage, with a diameter of 4-5 mm and a length of between 1 and 2 cm. In Mister Pistacho We offer them in rows of about 40-45 cm. long with at least 10 buds per strand.

The choice of buds will also depend largely on the variety of pistachio that you intend to grow, since each one has different characteristics that influence the choice.

What is the right time to perform the graft?

The best time to graft pistachio buds is in late summer or early fall, when the rootstock wood is still actively growing. Grafting should be done when the temperature is warm enough for sprouting to begin, but not so warm that the bud ages.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 50×30×13 cm

Avdat, C Especial, Chaparrillo, Guerrero, Kastel, Kerman, Larnaka, Peter, Randy, Sirora

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